Heavy air rushes towards the light air. Water runs downwards. Charges flow from higher to lower potential. These are natural laws that create harmony and balance on the planet. It means that authority must rush towards the weaker. Wealth should trickle down to the needy. Health should help the sick and sickness to maintain harmony and balance in society. These principles are equally relevant in living and non-living things. 

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This world is an open book for those who have insight and vision. The sun, the moon, and the planets remind us of being persistent and dynamic.

 Sometimes, the days are larger and sometimes the nights get greater lengths. This tug and war between the days and nights is a continuous process. This shows the changing spans of happiness and sadness respectively in our lives.

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The smallest particle of an element is called an atom. Every atom has a nucleus with electrons moving around it. Occasionally, an over-energetic electron escapes from its orbit and goes astray. This illustrates the importance of a center for human beings. The closer to the center the safer it is. This center may be a person, place, or an ideology.


The concepts of bonding, polyandry, polygamy, lesbians, and gays are also found in atoms and animals. Human beings have brains and can choose the best options for better lives.