Respond don’t react

  “Every action has a reaction. Action and reaction are equal in force but opposite in direction.” is a well-known law of physics. It is true for objects and material but ineffective in our social and personal lives. 

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People may react equally and sometimes violently. It all depends on the state of mind of a person or his social status or the authority he possesses. The reaction itself displays the caliber and mental growth of a person which decides the image and temperament of that person.

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believe that socially we should replace reaction with the response for individual and collective development. In trivial matters, a simple smile may be a good response. In some situations, just keep silent is a response. In awkward moods, don’t respond is a good response. Sometimes just looking at one’s face is a response when someone is at fault.

All types of responses originate from patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and good conduct. If we observe all these good responses, this set of responses will generate virtues that will lead society in a positive direction and will also provide an opportunity for other’s training.

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