Birthday and Anniversary

Everything has a start and an end. The end depends on the beginning. Often, the better start arrives at a better ending and vice versa. Life is a package of good and bad. Man is to choose from it and will be awarded to or punished for the choice of his own will and wish.

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Life is not stagnant but dynamic and ‘change’ is its permanent characteristic. From birthdays to old age, one has to pass through different stages and changes. The surroundings, socio-political conditions, and biological changes influence significantly upon man’s life. Even then, it’s the man who has to decide his path by putting the first step in the direction he wishes.


Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated but with different notions and insight. Some take it as leisure time, others consider it a waste of time and money. Some are thankful to God for being in good health and some feel sorry for losing a year from the whole package of life.

Birthdays and anniversaries are such events that remind us of the feelings and emotions of the past. The marriage anniversary recollects the love and passion for our family. Organizational anniversary recalls the mission of the organization and birthday makes us realize that we are human beings and we are to live for the human beings if we want peace in this world and in the world hereafter.